I will be a Gay woman deeply in love with my Straight Best buddy

I will be a Gay woman deeply in love with my Straight Best buddy

Recently, I’ve been feeling some unusual things. We finally determined recently that i’m indeed deeply in love with my companion. I will be a girl; she’s directly.

She was told by me a number of evenings ago, and absolutely nothing significant occurred. She stated if she ever “turns” gay, she’ll come operating in my experience. She’s ideal. She’s cute and hilarious.

We have been nevertheless close friends. She didn’t begin being strange. I’m currently away to any or all.

But since we informed her, I’ve produced couple flirty/dirty JOKES simply because she understands now plus it’s simple to joke, therefore it does not hurt a great deal.

The truth is, she’s been being dramatically flirty beside me and coming back my jokes. She stated these were funny, and I also made a good remark like, “They’re funny them. As you like” And she stated, “IDK, WYD. ” So what does this mean? Do I need to have pipe or hope straight down?

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Hi, I’m a woman that is pansexual. We definitely realize that women have actually the selection to have exceptionally close, deep, significant, and intimate friendships (and much more if we have been lesbians, pansexual, bi, etc. ) along with other females. […]