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The desire to protect one’s home against wear and make it more attractive and livable, is deeply rooted in the heart of most home owners. Too often, however, the small investment in time and money necessary to make desire blossom into accomplishment is put off from day to day, month to month, year to year. All through this period of procrastination, insidious decay is at work, destroying values which today are hard or impossible to replace. Soon the shabby mantle of neglect spreads its folds over all, and a major renovating job becomes necessary to restore its charm and utility.

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Many home owners imagine the job is beyond their abilities. True, a professional painter can and will do it better, but in times like these, when his skill is not readily available, it behooves home owners to list the things which should be done, take brush in hand and get the program under way.

Again we say, before you paint, you must prepare. Inspect the surfaces to be painted. Repair rotted spots, remove rust, dirt, paint blisters. Sand smoothly. You simply can’t overestimate the importance of proper surface preparation.

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For this work you will need a few simple tools: A broad knife for scraping large areas, a putty knife for filling cracks, nail holes and glazing, a wire brush for removing loose.

Paint and dirt, particularly on concrete or cement, steel wool for burnishing out rust spots, sandpaper for the smoothing out of uneven surfaces, a dusting brush for the final clean up.

You’ll also need, a few mixing cans in which to prepare your paint in accordance with directions on the label, mixing paddles for a thorough stirring, rags for wiping, drop cloth.

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Turpentine for thinning paint, cleaning brushes, removing spots, and of course you’ll need one or more brushes.

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Do not start the job until all these items are at hand, or you will be confronted later with irritating.

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When you are finally ready to apply paint, read carefully and follow exactly the directions on the label.

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This will assure you satisfactory results. Do not try short cuts of your  own invention or those suggested.

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  • Far far away, behind the word mountains
  • far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia
  • there live the blind texts

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  1. Far far away, behind the word mountains
  2. far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia
  3. there live the blind texts